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New Album in 2017: The Book of The World

I've been dreaming about making this announcement for a whole year now. Around this time in 2016, we started shopping around for a studio to record my brand new, full-length studio album. We found the place, recorded demos, practiced a lot, and, in July of 2016, spent a whirlwind few days cramming all our ideas on tape as fast as we could.

From our last day in Cozy Ark Studio

Our last day in Cozy Ark Studio (It was kinda dark in there!)

That super-fast recording left me with 11 songs filled with beautiful vintage tones -- and a pile of work still to do. I won't bore you with the details of my life as an adjunct professor/music minister/singer-songwriter -- but, suffice it to say, those files sat all through the rest of 2017, just waiting for me to stop grading papers long enough to do something with them. I began to despair of their ever moving beyond my own laptop.

Dallas Does the Eagles, 2016, Opening Bell Coffee

Dallas Does the Eagles, 2016 -- one of many fun shows we played last year

One morning, in a panic, I expressed my fears to Adam, who came up with a brilliant solution: "Why don't you just release the album a song at a time?"

And so, friends, that's what I'm going to do. I am so happy to finally announce that, starting this month, we will release one "chapter" at a time of our brand new studio album, The Book of the World. Why one at a time? Well, the practical reason is that I'm working on the tracks one at a time. But there's an artistic reason, too. This album, The Book of the World, is all about the glimpses of truth and beauty we see all the time in the world around us. It's about those moments of everyday revelation, starting with Chapter one, "Glorious Texas Spring," which discovers, in all the details of a perfect Texas spring day, a reason to believe in love. The world tells a story, one that I can't wait to share with you.

Glorious Texas Spring Single

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