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Undercover Summer: I Want To Hold Your Hand

This summer, I'm covering artists who have influenced me, and this band was almost too obvious. The Beatles haven't just influenced me; they've influenced everything. The only problem was choosing a song. I went with something iconic in a brand new

a cappella version. While enjoying the song below, here are 5 reasons I LOVE the Beatles:

1. The music is deceptively simple. Those early songs especially sound like easy bubblegum pop. But try to play any one of them, and you'll soon learn how complex the music is.

2. They span genres from rock n' roll to folk rock to psychedelic rock to early metal.

3. "Here Comes the Sun" played on my wedding day as my husband and I recessed down the aisle.

4. "Something" was my husband's and my first dance. Its ambiguous title made for some pretty funny moments with our volunteer "DJ" at the reception.

5. Every time I learn one of their songs I become a better musician.

Here's the video:

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